Friday, March 16, 2012

How do you find a good studio?

To start your dancing dream you need find a good studio. Here are some good tips for finding a good studio :
             What areas do you teach? ( jazz, tap, ballet, point, hip hop, lyrical?)
            - A good studio always has ballet. But you want variety so you also want jazz, tap, and lyrical.
             Do you have a competition team?
              - A good studio has a competition team because your kid might advance higher than regular classes or they might just want to expand.
             What's the average age of your studio?
             - You always want a variety of ages because there are a variety of dancer's. You don't want all the ages to be really young or older because you want your child to make friends.
            How many teachers are there?
            - You want to a fair amount ( 3-4 ) because you don't want your child waiting for their class to begin.

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