Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is dance a real sport?

This is a question people ask a lot. Is dance a real sport? In some minds it's not. They protest that pointing your feet and trying to do 4 turns is not what a sport is. But to dancers, yes it is very much a sport. When you try and do 4 turns you have to focus and make sure you're spotting, pushing your feet in the ground, and squeezing every muscle in your body. And it's more than just ballet. In lyrical you have to focus on making sure that your body is strong, but soft. And that your expressing with your face. Or in tap when your making sure that you're on your toes and getting all your sounds in. Also we have hip hop. You focus on staying in a freeze for 2 minutes and making sure everything is sharp. To non- dancers they think you learn the dance and you're done. But you have to learn it and then practice it like any other sport. It takes focus, practice, and commitment. You need those in football, baseball, soccer, hockey, basketball. So in some ways it is and in others it's not. But if you are a dancer, then have to believe that it takes as much work and is just as hard as all the others.

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